Computational and Infomation Technologies for Environmental Sciences

JUNE, 13 - 23


Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Research Computing Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems (IMCES) SB RAS, Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, Hydrometcentre of Russia, Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS, RAS Earth Sciences Division and the Siberian Branch of the RAS are organizing the International Computing and Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences CITES-2023 (June 13 - 23, 2023, Moscow, Russia), which includes a conference (June 13 - 16) and a school for young scientists (June 19 - 23). The event is supported by the Russian Science Foundation project 21-71-30023 and is part of the program for the creation and development of the Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics.

The sections of the CITES-2023 conference will be devoted to fundamental aspects of Earth system modeling and applications of computing and information technologies in geophysical sciences. Particular attention will be paid to adapting the economy and society to the expected climate change and providing managers with the necessary information to make administrative decisions.

The main topics of the school: the development of numerical models of the atmosphere, ocean, active layer of land, sea ice, climate modeling and numerical weather forecasting, tools and results of climate data analysis. On these most important topics, invited lectures by leading experts will be given, in which young scientists will be provided with up-to-date information that allows them to focus their professional attention on solving the most demanded and promising research problems.

Conference sections

  • Numerical weather prediction and meteorology
    • Section Leader: Dr. habil. М.А. Tolstykh (INM RAS, Hydrometcentre of Russia), email: m.tolstykh(at)
  • Modeling and analysis of global and regional climate and related atmospheric processes
    • Section Leader: Professor RAS E.M. Volodin (INM RAS)
  • Land surface processes: models, observations and data assimilation
    • Section Leader: Dr. habil. V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU), email: stepanen(at)
  • Structure and dynamics of geophysical boundary layers
    • Section Leaders: Dr. habil. I.A. Repina (IAP RAS), Ph.D. E.V. Mortikov (RCC MSU)
  • Computation and Information technologies for the Earth sciences
    • Section Leader: Professor E.P. Gordov (IMCES SB RAS), email: gordov(at)
  • 24th Session of the North Eurasian Climate Forum
    • Section Leader: Dr. habil. V.M. Khan (Hydrometcentre of Russia, NEACC)
  • Workshop on the development of a national climate model
    • Section Leader: Professor RAS A.S. Gritsun (INM RAS)
  • Future Earth Program and Northern Eurasia Future Initiative
    • Section Leader: Dr. P. Groisman (NCDC USA), email: groismanp(at)
    • Section Leaders: Ph.D. R.Yu. Fadeev (INM RAS), Dr. habil. V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU), Ph.D. E.V. Mortikov (RCC MSU)

The Program Committee invited key experts to give invited lectures (45 min) and presentations (30 min) on new findings and directions of research development. A limited number of papers will be selected for oral presentation at the conference (15 min.). The main number of reports will be presented in the form of short oral presentations (5 min.). Full materials of short oral presentations will be presented in poster sections. Those who wishing to make an invited report should first contact the chairman of the conference E.P. Gordov. (gordov[AT]

School and Conference Format

The school will be held in the classroom format, and some lectures will be presented to the audience via videoconference.

The conference is planned in a mixed format: speeches in the hall and in the online format.

The working languages of the CITES conference are Russian and English. The possibility of simultaneous translation into English will be worked out by the Organizing Committee.

Presentations and posters are recommended in English, since they will, in agreement with the authors, be posted on the conference website, and the potential audience of these materials is international. The choice of the language of the oral text is at the participants' discretion.

Applications for the school and/or the conference are welcome at

Those who wish to participate should indicate the appropriate point on the updated CITES-2023 Participant Form.

The school of young scientists will include lectures by:

  • I.A. Repina (IAP RAS) — Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory: History, Application, Development
  • Academician V.A. Semenov (IAP RAS) — Models of general atmospheric circulation for diagnostics and predictability of weather anomalies
  • V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU) — Numerical Modelling of Heat and Moisture Exchange and Carbon Cycle in the Active Land Layer
  • M.A. Tolstykh (INM RAS, Hydrometcentre of Russia) — Multiscale atmospheric models and their applications
  • I. Ezau (TyumSU) — Integration of High Resolution Models and Data for Environment Control in Smart City (online)
  • С. Danilov (AWI) — Ocean models on unstructured grids, basic discretizations, and major problems (online)
  • A.A. Baklanov (WMO) — Integrated modeling of coupled weather, climate, air quality changes for sustainable development of Arctic and northern cities and regions under conditions of global climate change (online)
  • D.B. Kiktev (Hydrometcentre of Russia) — Development of early warning systems for weather and climate risks on time scales from sub-hourly to seasonal

Theme of practical training: numerical modeling of direct and inverse relations in the system atmosphere - active layer.

School participants in small groups (2-3 people) will be offered a set of tasks focused on studying the mathematical foundations and software implementation of parametrizations of geophysical processes separately and within a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the atmosphere. The special attention will be given to computational aspects of integration of parameterizations of physical processes into the atmospheric model, analysis and interpretation of results of reproduction of circulation in the lower troposphere on medium-term and subseasonal time scales.

Practical sessions will be conducted by V.Yu. Bogomolov (IMCES SB RAS), R.Yu. Fadeev (INM RAS), D.S. Gladskikh (IAP RAS), E.V. Mortikov (RCC MSU), V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU), S.V. Travova (Hydrometcenter of Russia).

Program committee

Dr. habil. М.А. Tolstykh (INM RAS, Hydrometcentre of Russia)
Dr. habil. V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU)
Academician RAS V.P. Dymnikov (INM RAS)
Academician RAS V.A. Semenov (IAP RAS)
Professor RAS E.M. Volodin (INM RAS)
Professor E.P. Gordov (IMCES SB RAS)
Dr. P. Groisman (NCDC)
Professor RAS A.S. Gritsun (INM RAS)
Ph.D. E.V. Mortikov (RCC MSU)
Professor RAS I.A. Repina (IAP RAS)
Dr. habil. V.M. Khan (Hydrometcentre of Russia, NEACC)

Organization commitee

Professor E.P. Gordov (IMCES SB RAS)
Dr. habil. М.А. Tolstykh (INM RAS, Hydrometcentre of Russia)
Dr. habil. V.M. Stepanenko (RCC MSU)
Professor V.E. Podolskiy (MSU, MCFAM)
Dr. habil. N.A. Zaytseva (RAS)
Dr. habil. I.A. Repina (IAP RAS)
Dr. habil. V.M. Khan (Hydrometcentre of Russia, NEACC)
Ph.D. R.Yu. Fadeev (INM RAS)
 A.V. Baronov (RCC MSU)
Scientific secretary of the conference
Ph.D. E.Yu. Genina (IMCES SB RAS)
Secretary of the conference
 Yu.E. Gordova (IMCES SB RAS)


Follow the schedule on the website. Minor changes are possible.

PDF collection of conference abstracts (in Russian)

 Sectional program (for printing)


The conference was held from June 13 to 16, 2023 in the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in a correspondence format. Leading Russian scientists, including those working abroad, spoke at the sessions. There were 86 oral and 54 poster presentations. Scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Obninsk, Perm, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude, Tyumen, Kazan, Minsk, Rostov, Astrakhan, as well as correspondence participants from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russian speaking participants from USA, Japan, Norway, Switzerland participated in the conference. The total number of registered as speakers and listeners was about 190 people. The conference was attended by representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roshydromet organizations, and university science. Especially noteworthy was the significant number of reports made by young scientists.


CITES-2023 events will be held in Moscow: the conference - in one of the halls of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the school - at the INM RAS.


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For any questions about participation in the conference, please contact the Organizing committee of the event: